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Upload your files

2 Ways to Upload Your Files to Us

1.   ">Web-based FTP Upload
After compressing your design files using either WinZip (for PC's) or Stuffit (for Mac's), our PREFERRED method of file delivery is web-based FTP, which we provide on our website. Please use this feature above all others, however, if for some reason it doesn't work for you, you may use the next method on our list.

">You may access our web-based FTP feature by clicking here.

Just follow the form instructions, and upload! Very simple and non-technical. Make sure you wait for the upload screen to automatically change to the "confirmation" page to notify you of a successful upload. That process make take longer than 30 minutes if you're uploading large files or are on a dial-up connection. PLEASE BE PATIENT, it will work.



2.   Using Your FTP Software to Upload Your Files
After compressing your design files using either WinZip (for PC's) or Stuffit (for Mac's), our SECOND method of preference for file delivery is Anonymous FTP using your favorite FTP software. Please use this feature if our web-based FTP doesn't work for you.

Just open your FTP software and enter the following information:

  • Hostname (or Address):  ftp.aaa-full-color-business-cards.com
  • Host Type:                    Automatic
  • USER ID:                      anonymous@aaa-full-color-business-cards.com
  • PASSWORD:                guest

After successfully logging in using the information above, you should see the "Incoming" folder. Double-click that folder, and you'll then be in that folder. Please upload your Zip or Stuffit files there.

Once completely uploaded, YOU MUST send us an email notifying us of the names of the files you uploaded so that we may download them and prepare your proofs quickly. Include any special notes, comments or instructions you may have regarding your designs or order.

Feel free to contact us via email at mario@1print.net if you're still not clear on using our Anonymous FTP feature to upload your design files.


">Privacy Statement  |  ">File Formats & Design Guidelines |  WIN 1000 FREE Business Cards